Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dawett Fine Indian Cuisine (Kelowna)

For some reason, I've always had the notion that I wouldn't really enjoy food with any strong spices, like Indian food or Thai food. I think I had a bad experience with strong spices as a kid, and just assumed for the rest of my life that all food of that type would be too pungent for my liking.
I'm pretty glad that I got to change my views on that when I tried Indian food for the first time at Dawett, in Kelowna!

Jam and his friends frequent this restaurant often, claiming that their naan bread is THE BEST. No other description. It's just the BEST.

I ordered a mango lassi to start. This is a refreshing mango yogurt drink that's slightly creamy, sweet, and tangy. Reminds me of the tiny 養樂多 (calpis) yogurt drinks!

Jam and I got the calamari ($6.95) to share as an appetizer.

We were a bit taken back with the colour of this, but it didn't get in the way of our enjoyment of this dish. It's fried in three flour batter, so I guess that's what gives it the red colour. The squid was tender and flavourful, and even better when dipped in the sauces that accompanied it!

I ordered the lamb vindaloo ($12.95) with garlic and basil naan ($2.75) and a bowl of basmati rice to go with it.

 All the dishes have the option of mild all the way up to fiery spiciness levels. I, being the timid weak creature that I am, requested for mild spice. The vindaloo was served in a shallow steel dish and was heated by a small candle underneath. The flavours were so strong and delicious. I loved that I could taste lamb in every bite of the sauce, and the cubes of meat were tender and flavourful. The sauce was tangy, with the spice level being just a little bit spicy. That was okay though, because my mango lassi rinsed out any fiery remnants of spice. The curry went really well with the rice, but the star of the show was probably the naan bread.

At first I was skeptical. I thought psh, how good could bread get? When I had my first bite, though, I'm pretty sure my eyes popped. Forget being the best naan bread I've ever had- this is the best straight up bread I've ever had. It was warm and flaky and chewy and flavourful and you tore it apart with your hands and it was just heaven. Use it to sop up some sauce or roll up a piece of lamb meat. One of Jam's friends literally just chomped on his order of naan bread the whole meal, and hardly touched his main course. It was that good.

Of course, I've never had any Surrey or Main Street Indian food to compare this restaurant to, but I would say that it's a decent eat (HEAVENLY if you're just going to consider the naan) for okay prices. Dawett's opened my eyes up to the wonderful world of Indian cuisine :D

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