Monday, 5 May 2014

Momo Sushi (Kelowna)

I went up to Kelowna from Vancouver after I finished my finals to visit the James. Every single time I'm in Kelowna, they take me out to eat at Momo Sushi at least once. Considering most, if not all, of the group consists of Vancouverites/ Richmonders who are used to good, decent sushi (we're spoiled here in Vancouver), Momo's quality is definitely reliable.

A friend of the group's was serving that night and informed us that their raw oysters were on special. An order consisted of half a dozen, and we ended up getting two orders of oysters to share. These were cool, refreshing, and juicy!

Every time I see the words "tuna tataki" on a menu, I am immediately tempted to order one. I LOVE tuna tataki. These were a little disappointing, though. They were very nicely seared and the meat had a nice, firmer consistency, but the flavours were lacking. The vinaigrette served with the fish didn't pack as much of a punch as I'm used to, the the green onions did very little to add to the depth of this dish.

This was the plate of rolls that me and Jam had to share. As always, we ordered wayyyy too much.. we got 3 pieces of uni nigiri, which were absolutely delicious. I'm not usually a fan of uni (I've tried some VERY fishy ones as a kid), but these were so sweet and rich that I actually ended up wanting a second piece. Jam knows his uni a lot better than I do, and even he raves about Kelowna's uni being some of the better ones he's had.

The roll at the top was a special Ogopogo dragon roll. Momo's take on the dragon roll, this was my favourite roll on the plate. It consists of spicy tuna, unagi (BBQ eel), avocado, and cucumber,and is slathered in a savoury sauce and topped with tobiko (fish roe). This didn't need any soy sauce dipping as it was already packed full of flavour. The spicy tuna and the BBQ eel gave it a rich savoury taste that is still leaving me salivating 2+ weeks later as I think about it. The saltiness was nicely balanced out by the avocado, and the fresh crunch of the cucumber and tobiko.

The roll in the middle was the spider roll, which consists of soft shell crab, cream cheese, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko. This was a pretty standard, albeit huge, spider roll. There was a little too much crab meat in comparison to the soft shell crab imo, but it was still a decent roll nonetheless.

The roll in the left hand corner is the Philadelphia roll, with salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, crab meat, and topped with smoked salmon. This roll was also huge, and had too much cream cheese. While I enjoy the smoked salmon and cream cheese combo as much as the next person, this roll simply had too much of it. It was drizzled with some wasabi mayo that gave it an even creamier flavour.

The last roll in the bottom right hand corner is what I believe to be the deep fried California roll. I couldn't find this on the menu on Momo's website, but I distinctly remember ordering it. It's exactly what it sounds like: a California roll (avocado, crab meat, cucumber) that's deep fried in a light layer of batter. This roll was a bit strange to eat as it was served a little bit warm. We packed up most of it for leftovers later, and it tasted a lot better cold when we ate it later in the night :P

The price of everything was a little more expensive than what I'm used to, but like I said before, I'm spoiled here in Vancouver/ Burnaby where I have access to so much sushi at very cheap prices. Momo's is definitely a good option to consider if you're searching for some decent Japanese eats in a city like Kelowna!

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