Sunday, 1 June 2014

Yamato Asian Restaurant (Kelowna)

I had been craving laksa for the looooooooongest time, yet never hadthe opportunity to get any in Vancouver. I wasn't even sure where good laksa was offered. So when Jam informed me that there was a restaurant in Kelowna that served some pretty decent laksa, I jumped at the opportunity. After spending an afternoon at the kangaroo farm (KANGAROOS), I mentioned that I was still craving laksa, and everyone graciously opted to go to Yamato.

Yamato is advertised as an Asian restaurant. No specifics, like Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.. just Asian. This was evident as I glanced over the menu. There was everything from laksa, to dim sum, to Vietnamese salad rolls, to sushi. Whenever a restaurant has such a large variety like this, I'm immediately a bit skeptical of how they are able to pull everything off.
And I was right. Jam's friends vigorously warned me against everything but the laksa and the fried chicken wings there. I had been really tempted to get a spicy tuna cone alongside my main meal, but was convinced otherwise by Charly, who had had previous bad experience with the exact thing I had wanted to order.

Everyone ended up getting a bowl of laksa, and Jam and I ordered a dish of fried chicken wings as well.

The wings were actually pretty good. Juicy and piping hot on the inside, crispy and well seasoned on the outside. Not really anything special, just some good fried chicken wings.
Now finally, I get my bowl of laksa!!The broth was fragrant and had really nice flavours, and the noodles were delicious when soaked in the broth. I had to mix the noodles around initially, though, because they had been stuck together. In the bowl, there was chicken, parsley/cilantro (I can't tell the difference), tofu puffs, and bean sprouts. This was just immensely satisfying as I had been waiting several weeks for this little bowl of yum.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get the opportunity to eat any of the other food here, and I'm not sure if I'll ever want to after being warned against everything. But the laksa was pretty good (:

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